Hello World

HackGTM.com is one of those projects that I would have loved to have finished this week but just didn’t have the time for. Nonetheless, the site still serves its immediate purpose of giving people a nice bookmark coming out of my SearchLove London talk.

But since I want this site to be much more, The least I can do is give you a sense of the vision I have for this moving forward. I find myself explaining GTM…a lot. That’s a good thing because GTM is awesome and I sincerely enjoy talking about it. But with all the time I put into explaining how certain things work, solving problems with people, answering GTM-related emails, I’ve realized that I’m not scaling very well.

This site is where I’m hoping to put everything I know about GTM, from the basic building blocks to the real advanced hacking. Posts from the UpBuild blog may appear here from time to time (with rel=canonical, of course) so look out for that as well.

Until next time, happy optimizing!

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