Meet Eru III

Eru (named for Eru Illuvitar is the Lord of the Rings mythology, obviously) is the GTM container that creates all others! Using Eru Core, you can spin up a new GTM container for a site and rest assured that the all the basics have been set up for you.

Eru III — Core {{Download}}

Once you’ve downloaded the Core module, you’ll want to Import it into your GTM container. Make sure to select “Merge” in the options rather than “Overwrite”. Even thought Eru’s tags, triggers, and variables are unlikely to have the same names as yours there could still be conflicts!

User Update: If you see this at the front of a variable, go in and update it with your information. Notable examples are “Cross-Domains” and “Tracking IDs”.

Eru Config: If you see this, you can “toggle” a setting by changing the value of this variable to “false”.

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Modules for Eru

From there, you can choose from a variety of Eru Modules that you can add to Eru Core to get even more functionality out of it.

Eru — Form Abandonment Tracking {{Download}}

Track when and why people abandon forms on your site.

Eru — Page Engage {{Download}}

Negate bounces when users are actually engaged with your content and get a more accurate picture of bounce rate.

Eru — VPV Funnel Tracking

Coming soon.


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